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In search of a career, George Kurjanowicz nearly became a teacher. Choosing production and design of sculpture as a vocation, he never abandoned his desire to make education a major component of his professional activities.

George's first teaching opportunity arose in the winter of 1998 when Josh Farrington came in search of a mentor. Since that first apprenticeship, four more novice carvers have received their training at Kurjanowicz Studio. Four of those teaching session were funded by the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, Vermont. For more information regarding this program, please contact George personally.

George has also been afforded the opportunity to teach in statewide educational programs, serving as the carving Instructor at the Vermont Governor's Institutes on the Arts since 2003. He is also currently on the faculty at the Studio Place Arts in Barre, Vermont, teaching stone carving with hand tools. The Vermont Granite Museum of Barre has also engaged George as an instructor in its Stone Arts School, where he teaches the introductory course in pneumatic tools.

The studio also offers individual instructional sessions for both beginners and advanced sculptors seeking guidance in their own stone projects.

  Josh Farrington's apprenticeship
Josh Farrington was George's first apprentice, completing his training in the spring of 1998.
Hired in October 2000, He was a studio sculptor until the summer of 2005.

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Heather Milne's apprenticeship   Heather Milne began her apprentice training in the summer of 1999, becoming a permanent studio member in October of that year.
Alan Frascoia trained with George in the fall of 2000. He later worked as a studio sculptor from February 2001 until the summer of 2003.   Alan Frascoia's apprenticeship
Gampo Wickenheiser's apprenticeship   While he has not become a permanent member of the studio, Gampo Wickenheiser did train with George in the summer of 2001 and is now working as a sculptor in Barre.
Dave Bloom is shown carving a piece of Barre Gray granite during the Intro to Pneumatic Tools Class George taught in April 2004.   April 2004 Museum Class
2004 Governor's Institute AM Class   George once again taught carving at the 2004 Governor's Institute on the Arts. Pictured is his morning class.
Andrew Dernavich, here shown finishing his soapstone carving, was one of George's students at the 2003 Governor's Institute for the Arts.   Andrew Dernavich carving - Photo by Matt Moreau
Mary Alcantara   Mary Alcantara began her marble project in Kurjanowicz Studio in September 2003.
Chris Leary began a Traditional Arts apprenticeship in September 2003. He is shown executing a carving of his own design. Chris was a studio sculptor from September of 2005 until December of 2006.   Chris Leary
GIA 2008 Afternoon Class   Shown is George's afternoon class at the 2008 Governor's Institute on the Arts.
Shown here with a fish she carved from Brazilian soapstone, Mahli Brister was one of George's students at the 2005 Governor's Institute on the Arts.   Mahli Brister with her fish
Rachel Pelham carving   One of George's 2004 Governor's Institute students, Rachel Pelham began a marble mentoring project in August of 2005.
Sophie Bettman-Kerson trained with George in the fall of 2005. She too was an apprenticeship grant recipient from the Vermont Folklife Center. Sophie was a studio sculptor in 2006.   Sophie Bettman-Kerson carving
Governor's Institute on the Arts students, 2009   George stands proud with his 2009 Governor's Institute afternoon carving class.
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