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A collaboration with interior architect Grazyna Gorzynska led George to carve this design of vines, leaves and grapes in Indiana Buff Limestone for a fireplace in the Rahill residence in Putnamville, Vermont.

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George Kurjanowicz has been creating uncommon stone sculpture since 1975. He has worked with commercial and residential clients to create designs that complement both indoor and outdoor architectural environments.

Subject matter from the natural world has long been George's inspiration. His ability to discover the essence of a subject and adapt it to a new environment, has enabled him to work with both private clients and architects to produce literal and interpretative images that are a unique blend of his vision and a customers needs.

The styles and examples of work on this page are a reflection of George's personal aesthetic vision. While it is imperative for an artist to meet a clients needs, it is also his vital function to produce an exceptional piece of art that will continue to stimulate both its viewers and its environment long after it has been installed.

Sellers & Co. Architects of Warren, Vermont designed this tub surround for the Green Mountain suite of the Pitcher Inn, also in Warren. George cut the "Verde Antique" serpentine mountains and the Danby Marble clouds.   Pitcher Inn
Aztec Bench   Pre-Columbian artifacts inspired this bench at the Barre City Elementary and Middle School in Barre, Vermont. George carved and donated this Barre Gray granite piece in 1995.
Queen Beatrix was designed and carved for Mr. Stefan Toth. This five foot, two inch Macedonian marble statue stands in Komarno, Slovak Republic.   Queen Beatrix
Komarno Fish   George also designed and carved these fish for Stefan Toth. This red marble piece is also located in Komarno, Slovak Republic.
Disturbingly Humanoid, carved in 2007, was made in Norwegian Blue Pearl granite.                                       Disturbingly Humanoid
Pterodactyl Warrior   Carved in 2003, PterodactylWarrior was shaped from a chunk of Canadian Pink granite.
Carved from a piece of Westerly Pink granite, Into the Wind was completed in the late summer of 2008.   Into The Wind
Lizard   A discarded plug of concrete led George to carve this lizard in 1995. George's wife Grazyna painted the piece.
This Madonna, carved in Carrara marble, was the inevitable result of years of figurative religious carving.   Madonna
Big Fish, Little Fish   Big Fish, Little Fish: George carved this Carrara marble piece in 1987, after a particularly stimulating fishing trip with his father.
This Barre Gray granite collaboration with fellow sculptor Josh Farrington is entitled Eugene's Ex.                                        Eugene's Ex
Sweet Dreams   Sweet Dreams was carved from a chunk of found marble from the shores of Vermont's Lake Champlain.
Janus in Black & White features a Vermont Bethel White granite head on a Pennsylvania "Gem Mist" black granite body. The head is carved on both sides and swivels on a brass pin.   Janus in Black and White
The Mask   The Mask was also carved in Vermont Bethel White granite.
This Zimbabwe Black granite panel was one of two executed in the summer of 2004 by George Kurjanowicz and chief studio carver Josh Farrington. George's design for the two foot square panels was inspired by the decorative work of architect Louis Sullivan.   Floral Panel
Sandstone Capitols   These capitols are two of four executed for Barre firm Granite Importers. These Nova Scotia Sandstone carvings are just over a foot tall and are part of a monument reconstruction project in Savannah Georgia.
In August of 2005, George was the featured sculptor at the second annual St. Cloud, Minnesota Granite festival. He is shown here with a Cold Spring Diamond Pink granite carving of his own design commissioned especially for this event.   St. Cloud Abstract
Burlington Marble Benches   Throne and Saddle are two Vermont Danby White marble benches carved for the Burlington Battery Street walkway renovation project. Both pieces were completed and set in June 2008.
Kurjanowicz Sculpture Studio: (802) 476-4717