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Kurjanowicz Studio was founded to expedite the monumental orders of the Barre granite industry. While we have diversified over the ensuing years, this continues to be one of the strongest areas of studio expertise.

A monumental project that involves sculpture should have its inception with the sculptor. Studio designers have the experience and knowledge to guide our customers from concept to fabrication. Whether a private monument is your goal, or public memorialization is your agenda, Kurjanowicz Studio should be your starting point on the road to a successful project.

Studio sculptors ensure that our customers are well served by a wide range of styles. Our work extends from the literal and figurative to the whimsical and stylized, as illustrated by the following examples.

  Black History Fountain
Chicago sculptor Jerzy Kenar entrusted the studio with the execution of his concept for the
Black History Fountain, located in
Renaissance Park, part of the Chicago Park District. All elements were turned, cut, polished and sandblasted in Black Granite.

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Resurrection   Resurrection, carved and fabricated out of Vermont Danby White Marble and African Impala Black Granite. This fountain, a collaboration between sculptor Jerzy Kenar and studio head George Kurjanowicz, is located at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, Kansas.
George Kurjanowicz designed the sandblast depiction of Our Lady of Czestochowa for the Pomykala Monument. This monument, fabricated from Finnish Balmoral Red Granite, was also designed by Jerzy Kenar.   Pomykala Monument
Sniezynski Monument   Kurjanowicz Studio, with the staff of Barre's North Barre Granite Company, facilitated the creation of the Sniezynski monument. Jerzy Kenar designed the Canadian Pink Granite memorial as well as the bronze and stainless steel components.
George Kurjanowicz carved the Buffalo, New York, Korean Veterans Monument in Barre Gray Granite in the summer and fall of 1989. Barre's Peerless Granite Company fabricated the memorial.   Buffalo Korea Monument
Retriever   This carving of a Golden Retriever is located in Manchester Vermont, and was done by George Kurjanowicz with assistance from Alan Frascoia. It too was carved in Barre Gray Granite.
Josh Farrington carved this six-foot tall relief of St. George And the Dragon in Barre Gray Granite. George Kurjanowicz designed the carving.   St. George & the Dragon
Our Lady of Lourdes   Our Lady of Lourdes, a five-foot tall relief in Barre Gray Granite was carved in the summer and fall of 2001 by George Kurjanowicz with assistance from Heather Milne and Gampo Wickenheiser.
George carved this Barre Gray granite, four foot tall, full figure Our Lady of Sorrows for Adams Granite Co. in the late fall of 2004.   Our Lady of Sorrows
George's Holy Family   George carved this three foot tall Barre Gray granite Holy Family for Adams Granite Co. in the spring of 2008.
Alan helped design and carved this four foot tall Belfast Black granite angel for a private client in Canada.   Alan's Angel
Alan's Sacred Heart   This four foot tall, four inch relief India Black granite carving of Christ was done by Alan in the summer of 2007 for studio client Cochran's Inc. of Barre.
This two foot diameter Sacret Heart bust was carved in Barre Gray granite in March 2008 for Adams Granite Co.   George's Sacred Heart
Pennsylvania Gov. Ray P. Shafer   A former Pennsylvania resident himself, George was very pleased to be asked to execute this ten inch diameter portait bust of Pennsylvania Governor Raymond P. Shafer in American Black granite.
Both George and Josh carved the sculptural details on this six foot tall Barre Gray granite Celtic Cross for South Bend Monuments. Adams Granite Co. fabricated the cross and base.   Celtic Cross
Granite Eagle   This four and a half foot tall Barre Gray Granite Eagle was designed and carved by studio head George Kurjanowicz for the Donald W. Gately Veteran's memorial in Norfolk, New York. Both Josh and Chris took part in this summer 2005 project.
George carved this eighteen inch tall portrait bust of Pope John Paul II in Impala Black granite for Adams Granite Co.   Pope John Paul II
Marble portrait   This Danby white marble portrait palette and toe shoes were carved by George For Adams Granite Co.
George carved this fourteen inch portrait of Padre Pio in Canadian Pink Granite early in the fall of 2005.   Padre Pio
Sophie's stretching ballerina   Sophie carved this twenty inch stretching ballerina in Indian Impala Black granite in the spring of 2008.
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