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Dewey - Step 1  

In the fall of 2009, studio head George Kurjanowicz was commissioned to replicate the gravestone of Vermont's first pastor, the Rev Jedidiah Dewey. The original will reside on display indoors while its replacement will be set at the gravesite in Bennington, Vermont.

1. The original piece, fabricated and carved in 1779, arrives at the studio. It will be used as the pattern for both the shape and the lettering of its replacement.

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2. A suitable piece of White Mariposa Marble is chosen from the blocks in stock at the Vermont Marble Quarry in Danby.   Dewey - Step 2
Dewey - Step 3   3. Sawn to the correct thickness, the oversize marble slab arrives at the studio for layout and sawing.
4. Having been sawn to the correct shape, the replacement stone rests waiting for the carving process to begin, the original resting nearby to serve as a reference.   Dewey - Step 4
Dewey - Step 5   5. Completed and awaiting shipment, the replacement stone stands erect for the first time.
6. A close up of the lettering and design on the monument face.   Dewey - Step 6
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